Stef’s Pics of the Week (May 12-18, 2018)


Credit to: @thedistasticlife
Enjoying the last few weeks of the 2018 Flower and Garden festival! Look at this beautiful photo of the three caballeros! The flowers are so vivid that they barely seem real!


Credit to: @wheresthelgm
A little green man is enjoying Animal Kingdom this week! He seems to be quite content to have been chosen to adventure today! This photo was too cute to not share.


Credit to: Kelly R.

Kelly sharing this adorable photo of her little peanut getting her first Walt Life box of surprises! The smiles, her shirt, and practically everything about this picture is precious! 


Credit to: Jenna Guillaume

This adorable meme of Belle & Adam! One of my most favorite Disney meme’s :)


Credit to: ShortiLori
This sweet unboxing video by ShortiLori’s channel where she unboxes here Walt Life box! She’s a complete Disney fan with a neat Disney collection! Her unboxing was really fun to watch!


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