Disney DIY: Solo - A Fun at Home Story

As many of you know, Solo: A Star Wars Story will be hitting theaters everywhere on May 25th. That’s only a few days away! We are so excited for this movie, and we hope you are, too! Need some cute ideas for fun things to do with the kiddos to celebrate? How about a delicious treat to share with your Star Wars-loving friends? Or even a fun twist to a weekend celebration with adult beverages? We’ve got all three coming your way in this blog, so stay tuned! (and may the Force be with you…)

Star Wars Printable Coloring Sheets!

Speaking of cute ideas for the kids, how about Star Wars themed coloring pages?! How much does it cost, you ask? Hmmm, how about, Free?! That’s right, it’s fun, it’s cute, and best of all, it’s free to use! Credit to BabySavers for this awesome set of Coloring Pages, along with Mazes and Puzzles, because they are both adorable and really quite interactive. With all of the possibilities, it’s a wonder you’re still reading this blog and not printing them out for your kiddos right now!

Click here to print the pages.

Delicious Treats to Share!

Tasty and festive! These adorable Chewbacca-themed chocolate donuts have got what it takes to fight back against the Empire! Well, maybe not the Galactic Empire, but they fight your dessert cravings all the same! They’re a perfect DIY project for at home that will be a favorite among you and your Star Wars pals! More importantly, they’re chocolate donuts, and there’s nothing (NOTHING!) more delicious than chocolate donuts. Except for a victory against the Empire; that’s pretty delicious, too.

Time for Drinks!

They may not be from the Cantina bar, but they sure look like they are! Take a Star Wars theme-party into hyperspace with these adorable DIY wine glasses! They look fancy, but they don’t require much effort, so if you’re looking for a quick decoration these are a wonderful place to start. On top of that, they cost next to nothing to make, which might even be the best part. After all, it pays to be a Rebel every once in a while!


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