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The Best Disney Movies Still On Netflix!

We're all getting our budgets and T.V. time planned for the release of the Disney streaming app that'll be released by the end of 2019. In fact, if you haven't already, you'd better get on it! But Netflix, the World's most popular streaming service, still has a contract with Disney to host several of their movies on the platform. This time of year, there's really only one place that you can stream Disney movies whenever you'd like, and that's from the Netflix app. So, we decided to put together our list of the Best Disney Movies that are still on Netflix in order to help you take advantage of what's available while the contract is still active. This list will include some Live-Action movies, some Animated movies and many more! Use it to plan your next movie night with the family or your date! Keep in mind, Netflix changes their lineup every month so some of these movies might not be available after March passes. Make sure to keep up with Netflix'…

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