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OH MY GOODNESS THE SOUNDTRACK IS OUT | Lion King Official Soundtrack

One of the most amazing things about the movie The Lion King was, obviously, the soundtrack. I mean, how many times have you just broken out in "Can You Feel The Love Tonight?"; for me, the number is legitimately countless. Well, good news Lion King fans (so, everyone...?), the official soundtrack for the new movie has officially been released. We have arrived in the promise land. First of all, it's incredible. Second of all, we're going to talk about it, because, what else is there to talk about?

The Songs The soundtrack features every song you're hoping for, and then some. The full tracklist is listed below: Circle of Life/Nants' IngonyamaLife's Not FairRafiki's FirefliesI Just Can't Wait To Be KingElephant GraveyardBe Prepared (2019)StampedeScar Takes The ThroneHakuna MatataSimba Is Alive!The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Full Version)Can You Feel The Love TonightReflections of MufasaSpiritBattle for Pride RockRememberNever Too LateHe Lives in YouMbube A…

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