Credit to: @flyingelephantapparel

I cannot get enough of how yummy this rice crispy treat looks! The Confectionery on Main Street never disappoints in having the cutest and most festive holiday treats! Looks perfect for everyone that is a big fan of white chocolate.

Credit to: @kayleigh_whiting

Halloween is coming around the corner so fast that I can't help but melt over this amazing photo of little Minnie Mouse. We're wishing that her whole family has the most wonderful trip at the Magic Kingdom!

Credit to: Mandee Thomas

This really fun DIY to create character-themed felt patches looks like such a great project to try. Miss Mandee was so thoughtful with her tutorial that she even included templates to make this tutorial a breeze. It's hard to choose a favorite, but I really do have a shine for the Peter Pan patch.

Credit to: @gabriella_dilo

How much fun are these matching Mickey & Minnie shirts? Talk about vacation photo goals. Thanks so much for sharing your awesome photo with us @gabriella_dilo! Have the most magical time! 


Credit to: Alexandria B.
This adorable unboxing video of a Halloween themed Walt Life box! Thanks so much Alexandria for sharing this moment with us! These moments are so heart warming and we can’t wait to watch many more!


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