Credit to: @jennapurroli

This happy photo of @jennapurroli! Is there a better way to celebrate a birthday than with your friend at the Magic Kingdom? Wishing that you had the most wonderful time on what looks to be a perfect day!


Credit to: Erin Cullum

This incredible looking dessert at the Parks makes the cut for highlights from this week! This Madame Leota Dessert is an amazing looking vanilla tart! Things like this are too pretty to eat (...almost!)


Credit to Instagram: @beshelbylee

@Beshelbylee has the most amazing pin collection and I can't get enough of it! I love when collectors hunt for their favorite characters and really build out their collection. Chip and Dale are so much fun and look incredible on her backpack! #pingoals.


Credit to: Heather Sitarzewski

This is my favorite autumn craft choice! How amazing is this beautiful Mickey mouse shaped wreath by Heather Sitarzewski? This wreath would be beautiful to dress up your home this Thanksgiving! 


Credit to: RoTalksBox
This fun video by RoTalksBox was a highlight! Not only is her box filled with fun goodies but her adorable cat runs around through the whole video. Apparently cats love Disney just as much as we all do!


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