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10 Surprising Facts About The Lion King

1. The Lion King movie title wasn’t always The Lion King Before The Lion King was called The Lion King, the movie had different titles which included The King of Kalahari and The King of the Jungle.  2. The Lion King was was the first Disney movie to feature an original storyline The Lion King has been billed for long as the first animated Disney film to have an original storyline (a story lime that wasn’t an adaptation of the story that has existed in the past). Some individuals however disputed the claim saying The Lion King got its inspiration from Hamlet and Kimba and the White Lion. 3. The animals and how they related to one another were different from the previous versions of the scripts The original script featured Scar who was in charge of a pack of cruel and violent baboons and not related to Simba Simba. However, this version wrote Rafiki as a cheetah and Pumbaa and Timon were both friends with Simba from the onset. 4. The original director of The Lion King wanted the movie t…

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